Albion Doors & Windows

Frequently Asked Questions
"just the faqs, ma'am, only the faqs..."
(respectful apologies to Jack Webb, aka Sgt. Joe Friday)

  • Are there shipping and handling fees?

      Yes. They are listed along with the purchase price of each item.

  • Can you keep requests on file for specific items and notify me if and when they arrive?

      We are glad to offer this service.

  • Do you ship Entry Doors?

      No, I'm sorry we don't. Due to the fragile nature of the glass and the size of the item, the cost factor is prohibitive ($500 and up). The doors are on the web site due to our proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area which alerts potential home restoration customers.

  • Are items insured for breakage or loss in transport?

      All purchases over $100 or containing glass are insured. This is reflected in the shipping costs.

  • Can I contact you? Yes. See our How to Contact Us page, or reach us at:

  • Albion Doors & Windows
    PO Box 220
    Albion, CA 95410
    Tel. (707) 937-0078