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Victorian Diamond Light Entry Door

Victorian Entry Door
Diamond Light
Bottom Detail CloseupInside Detail CloseupHardware Closeup
This is a rare Victorian entry door with a large diamond in the center and four triangles in the corner. The top two corners are the original red and blue with the center an old gold hue. The bottom two triangles are clear. The outside has raised moulding with a quarter-sun as depicted in close-up. Inside panels are ornate Eastlake in design. The hardware is original ornately embossed iron, including mortise lock and keys (scroll to right to see picture of hardware). The bell is present, but needs to have the cap welded back on. Size is 36 inches by 84. It has been painted, including a little "drift" from a sloppy job nearby. Otherwise, it's in excellent shape. Price for the door is $750.00.

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