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About Us

Albion Doors & Windows has been in business for over 38 years on the Mendocino coast, about 3 hours north of the San Francisco Bay area in NorthernCalifornia. We are family owned and regularly draw in customers from ahundred-mile radius. The items displayed in our website are only a very smallportion of our stock available.

We have a surprisingly large inventory of all types of windows, doors, and hardware: approximately 1,000 windows, 500 doors, and 2,000 pieces of antique door and window hardware. We are most known for our unique styles and hard to find items, but we also have a large supply of standard items such as:

In addition to the antique door hardware presented on this website, we also havethe following hardware and supplies:
If you have any building restoration needs regarding windows, doors, or hardware, please contact us by email or phone. If you would like to visit our actual business, we recommend that you call ahead for directions and hours and allow plenty of time to look around.

Albion Doors & Windows
PO Box 220
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